We have a passion: Faith

Faith is trust in every day. Faith gives power and becomes love. A universal and pure love. Faith and Love joins millions of people. Amen is born from the desire of giving words of faith to the people we love, giving a sense of protection, wellness and the sensation to never be alone.


Amen’s jewelry collection was born in 2012 and is the passion of an Italian jewelry designer and businessman, Giovanni Licastro. It was his vision to make jewelry made of words that motivates, inspires and con rms faith. The Amen project is based on words of faith, words that accompany childhood and remain in the minds of everyone for their entire life. Faith affects the soul of every person. Faith is solace, remembrance, hope and happiness.
DVJ Amen Collection

the meaning

The Amen name was chosen for its inner meaning: truth and certainty. The sound is enjoyable and easily recognizable in every country around the world. Amen is a word easy to remember. The payoff “live your faith” “#LYF” tells a contemporary concept of faith. Faith is a choice of awareness and belonging. Amen Collection includes faith as a concept of love, love toward your partner, children, friends and people we care about. 

Faith is Fashion

The Amen Collection is not only a symbol of belonging, solace, and protection, but it’s a fashion accessory, a must have for both men and women. It’s everyday jewelry that is creative and well finished in all details. It is an emblem of faith with a bit of glamour, without losing the deeper symbolic meaning.

The Collections

All Amen Collections are designed and created by Italian designers to which it is also entrusted the accurate research of materials. The production is followed in every detail. The range of the collection is changed and enriched every season following the fashion decrees and the request of the market.