Momma's Jewels

The Momma's Jewels Story

Like many moms can relate to, I had my hands full trying to keep up with the never-ending task of picking up dirty teething rings. After picking up the teether for the countless time, the idea of Momma’s Jewels was born.

I wanted to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that was also safe for my baby to teethe on. After a few days of wearing a plastic teething ring around my neck, it dawned on me that my favorite jewelry, sterling silver, was the perfect combination of form and function. Silver baby rattles & cups have been used for generations and sterling silver happens to be safe and cool to the touch, perfect for soothing gums!

Today, our collection of Sterling Silver Teething Jewelry has grown and new moms everywhere are raving about Momma’s Jewels. Each piece is handcrafted to make moms feel beautiful and chic, while also nurturing the bond between mother and baby.

Gift it at your next baby shower, pass it down to future generations and spend time loving it with your baby. I truly hope you and your baby enjoy your “jewels” as much as my baby and I enjoyed ours.

– Stacy Rosenthal, Founder